Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Statue

Warner Brothers | DC Comics
SKU: 6004980

"Princess. Warrior. Hero. Legend. Diana of Themyscira has embodied many roles during her epic life. And throughout her sojourn in Man’s World, no villain has schemed and stormed against Wonder Woman more than Ares, God of War. Now Diana, victorious, stands calmly amidst the sun-bleached rubble and ruin of his crumbling temple. Ares’ day is over. A new day dawns, and Wonder Woman greets it with steely-eyed serenity in this 1/6th scale premium format statue.

Grand Jester Studios assembled the talents of designer and master sculptor Joe Jung, along with sculptors Vin Teng, Matt Beutler and painter Holly Knevelbaard, to bring Wonder Woman to three-dimensional life. This fiercely beautiful vision of the amazing Amazon is reflected in the sky-blue gaze of her searching eyes, the relaxed but ever-vigilant stance of a warrior born, the crimson ribbon that flutters from her hoplite spear, and the ornate but broken marble column sinking into history behind her. The passion and artistry embodied in this representation of the Amazon princess harkens back to Greek statues of old, but with a modern sensibility and color palette that remains strikingly classic in style."

  • Limited Edition 1,500
  • Measurements of Product 18.7 in H x 7.87 in W x 8.27 in L