Superman 1/6 Scale Statue

Warner Brothers | DC Comics
SKU: 6004979

Metropolis is under attack! Her citizens flee in the face of sudden devastation. And in this, her darkest hour, the city’s champion has arrived to once more save the day. This 1/6th scale premium format statue captures the majestic power and unbowed determination of Superman as he braces himself upon the buckled streets of Metropolis, the battle-damaged Daily Planet globe raised defiantly above his head.

Superman is here. And his city will not fall.

Grand Jester Studios assembled the talents of designer and master sculptor Joe Jung, along with sculptors Vin Teng, Matt Beutler and painter Holly Knevelbaard, to bring Superman to three-dimensional life. From the burnished bronze half-dome of the shattered Daily Planet globe to Superman’s iconic crimson and cobalt-blue costume to the shattered asphalt street cratered beneath his boots, the passion and artistry channeled into this stellar representation of the Man of Steel shines forth like the very hope embodied by Metropolis’ favorite son.

  • Limited Edition 1,500
  • Measurements of Product 24.41 in H x 9.45 in W x 16.4 in L