Batman 1/6 Scale Statue

Warner Brothers | DC Comics
SKU: 6004981

As if in answer to prayer for the beleaguered citizens of Gotham, the near-mythical Batman springs into action in this 1/6” scale premium format statue of the Dark Knight Detective. From the perfectly balanced batarang in his outstretched hand to the weather-stained figurehead keeping vigil beneath him, this dynamic statue of the Caped Crusader captures the razor-honed skills and indomitable will of Gotham City’s own guardian angel.

Grand Jester Studios assembled the talents of designer and master sculptor Joe Jung, along with sculptors Vin Teng, Matt Beutler and painter Holly Knevelbaard, to bring the Batman to three-dimensional life. Every fold in his shadow-draped cape, every coiled muscle in his battle-primed stance, every tension-filled line in his furrowed brow reveals the passion and artistry poured into this stunning representation of the legendary Dark Knight.

The city of Gotham is gray and bleak, but draped in his signature blue cape and cowl, and wearing the iconic yellow bat symbol on his expansive chest, Batman shines as a ray of hope in his shadow-stained world. In counterpoint to his more colorful garb, the gray-clad angel upon which he stands is a study in shadow and stone.

  • Limited Edition 1,500
  • Measurements of Product 14.76 in H x 13.98 in W x 14.96 in L